This 22-mile stretch of pavement is like a highway for joggers, cyclists, and walkers. Basically, it’s the Autobahn of the fitness world. As you stroll along, enjoy the scenic views of the Reedy River because who needs a treadmill when you can have ducks as your running companions? And don’t be surprised if you encounter the occasional squirrel doing its best Ninja Warrior impression.

Feeling adventurous? Rent a bike and join the ‘Tour de Swamp,’ where the only race is against your friend who claims they are ‘in shape.’ Spoiler alert: they might need a pit stop for snacks halfway through. And for those who think a marathon is just a really long Netflix binge, fear not! The Swamp Rabbit Trail has plenty of pit stops, from charming cafes to quirky shops. Because nothing says ‘I worked out’ like treating yourself to an artisanal popsicle, right?

But beware, this trail is so popular that even the local wildlife has started to form cheering squads. You might spot a group of ducks practicing synchronized swimming or a turtle attempting a world record for the slowest lap time.

In a nutshell, the Swamp Rabbit Trail isn’t just a path; it’s a comedy show, a nature documentary, and a fitness challenge all rolled into one. So put on your best running shoes or grab a bike  and join the parade of sweat, laughter, and probably some accidental wildlife encounters. Happy trails and may your water bottle stay swamp-free.

If you’re interested in living near this fun and adventurous trail, reach out to Miles, you won’t be disappointed:

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